Gaffaney's Backup


Gaffaney’s Backup Delivers Complete Data Protection


Protecting your business-critical data has never been more important or easier to do. Our automated cloud backup and recovery services deliver complete data protection so you don’t have to worry about data loss, network failures, costly downtime, or even worse a complete shutdown of your company.

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Today’s businesses rely on technology to get it done -- collecting, retaining and transmitting limitless amounts of data on a daily basis. Without the right data protection plan in place, recovering your data may be impossible, or just too costly, time consuming and damaging.

Gaffaney’s Backup Covers All Your Data Types:


filefolder icon.jpgFiles and Folders

Recover from the accidental deletion of any document, spreadsheet, or folder.

emailicon.jpgExchange, SQL and System State

Enable backup and recovery of Exchange, SQL data, and System State.

servericon.jpgSystem Images

comparebutton.jpgRecover from hard drive crashes and computer viruses.

monitoricon.jpgVMware and Hyper-V images

Restore full VM images from the cloud back to your host or our site.


Gaffaney’s Backup ensures compliance with strict industry and governmen data-protection standards around encryption.

  • HIPPA (Health Insurance portability and Accountability) governs the storage and handling of data in healthcare environments.
  • FINRA (The Finanace Industry Regulatory Authority) addresses the archival and management of data by finanal organizations
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry Secority Standars Council) set strict guildelines on payment card and electronic transactions


You work to hard to risk it. Protect your business. Protect your data. We can help!

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